2:00-4:00pm at Salon A-1&2


All posters will be displayed on poster display boards provided by the Hilton Hotel. The dimensions for the poster display boards are 4 feet high and 8 feet wide, landscape orientation. The recommended size for posters to be printed is: 3 feet high by 5 feet wide, landscape. The posters will be hung up with push pins. Please come set up your poster an hour before the meeting starts or during the coffee break. All posters should be taken down by the end of the day. All poster display boards are assigned numbers (noted on the left hand side of poster program) that will correspond to their location in the poster session room.

Posters by Category
1 Chen The association of blood lead levels and bone density in different combinational SNP polymorphisms among Taiwan lead workers (#0138)
2 Chuang A Study of Blood Multi-element Concentrations in Lead-exposed and Non-exposed Workers (#0029)
3 Hawkins Using Biomarkers to Measure Work Stress: Allostatic Load by Occupation and Industry in the Chilean Workforce (#0226)
4 Pesatori Cancer risk in oil refinery workers: a mortality study in four Italian plants (#0035)
5 Colt A Case-Control Study of Occupational Exposure to Metalworking Fluids and Bladder Cancer Risk Among Men (#0084)
6 Ruder Cancer Mortality Among Styrene and Fiberglass Exposed Workers in the Reinforced Plastic Boatbuilding Industry (#0110)
7 Aschebrook-Kilfoy Occupation and Thyroid Cancer: A Systematic Review (#0116)
8 Koutros Lifetime Occupational Exposure to Diesel Exhaust and Bladder Cancer Among Men in New England (#0118)
9 Ekpanyaskul Risk factors of hematological cancer in an environmental polluted area: A case-control study in Rayong province, Thailand (#0166)
10 Christensen Exposure to styrene and the risk of cancer: a long-term follow-up study of workers in the Danish reinforced plastics industry (#0177)
11 Rabstein Associations between pre-defined occupational job tasks and breast cancer risk (#0181)
12 Counil Professional trajectory is associated with multiple carcinogenic exposures at work among men : data from a cohort of patients suffering respiratory cancer (#0192)
13 Lemarchand Prostate cancer risk among French farmers in the AGRICAN cohort (#0206)
14 McElvenny Cancer mortality in the British Rubber industry - a 45 year follow-up (#0214)
15 Luce Head and neck cancer and occupational exposure to asbestos, mineral wools and silica : results from the ICARE study (#0234)
16 Hartley Salivary cortisol response to a high-protein challenge and metabolic syndrome in police officers (#0013)
17 Hartley Levels of ideal, intermediate and poor cardiovascular health by employment characteristics in 2005-06 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (#0064)
18 Charles Leptin, adiponectin, and heart rate variability among police officers (#0052)
19 Charles Work Hours, Job Strain, and Occupation with Endothelial Function: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) (#0101)
20 Wilson The Effects of Acute and Chronic Mental Stress on Cardiac Function. (#0125)
21 Chang Acute Effects of Occupational Noise Exposure on 24-Hour Ambulatory Cardiac Parameters in Workers (#0240)
22 Lee Predicting physician's duty stress by parasympathetic nervous function (also to be considered for mini-symposium: Early detection and management of workers under stress)  (#0248)
23 Gustavsson Occupational exposure and stroke - A critical review of chemical and physical exposures (#0250)
24 Jakobsson Occupational exposure and stroke - A critical review of shift work, and work-related psychosocial risk factors (#0284)
25 Cardiovascular disease as a risk factor for disability retirement (#0294)
26 Chu An epidemiologic study of acute coronary syndrome in the working population (#0318)
27 Bigert Heart rate variability in particle exposed train drivers in the Stockholm subway (#0391)
Exposure Assessment
28 Morfeld Assessment and estimates of exposure to synthetic amorphous silica at five German production plants (#0025)
29 Alazab Children Below 5 years of Employed Mothers Are Less Exposed to Acute Poisoning in Alexandria, Egypt   (#0038)
30 Kennedy An International Historical Cohort Study of Workers in the Hard-Metal Industry: Exposure Assessment (#0050)
31 Lee Retrospective Exposure Assessment on the Photolithography Process in Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility (#0080)
32 Pesch Exposure to respirable welding fume and iron status in German welders (#0146)
33 Heilskov-Hansen Sex diffences in task distribution and task-specific postures and movements among Danish house painters. Constructing a sex-specific task exposure matrix. (#0172)
34 Kuo Association between the oxidative stress and renal function with exposure to TCE in underground water (#0241)
35 La Llave Impact of occupation on blood lead levels in pregnant women (#0242)
Injuries & Violence
36 Lu Trends of occupational injury in the Philippines: implications for policy (#0007)
37 Apidechkul An Epidemiology of traffic accident in northern Thailand (#0014)
38 Baptista Health disorders between nursing staff in a public hospital of Sao Paulo (#0047)
39 Lin Recovery from mental condition: is it different between TBI/non-TBI (#0089)
40 Xiang The impact of heat waves on work-related illnesses and injuries in Adelaide, South Australia, 2001-2010 (#0128)
41 Hami Severe occupational injuries in Morocco (#0420)
42 Scott Differences in Occupational Injury Rates by Age Group, Industry and Injury Type (#0438)
Intervention Studies & Prevention
43 Sparer Qualitative findings from a safety communication and recognition program on safety awareness and teambuilding in construction (#0057)
44 Pronk Application of a dynamic population-based model to assess the effect of silica exposure interventions on COPD in Dutch construction workers: results from the 'Relieved Working Study' (#0189)
45 Pronk Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention  among Dutch construction workers on respirable quartz exposure: results from the ‘Relieved Working Study' (#0399)
46 Bambara Study on diseases of the skin in an industrial population of a petrochemical site in Sicily (#0109)
47 Zanoni Home Care Worker Ergonomic Hazards (#0121)
48 Rodriguez Occupation and leukaemia in Spain 2007-2012. (#0426)
Methodological and Analytical Issues
49 Dehdashti A Structural Equation Modeling method to describe work environment risk factors and musculoskeletal symptoms among hospital nurses (#0071)
50 Hutchings Using the UK Biobank study to estimate occupational causes of chronic disease: comparability with the UK national population and adjustment for bias (#0148)
51 Salim Social Security in Brazil: the impact of epidemiological nexus on the benefits related to occupational diseases  (#0153)
52 Betansedi Gender bias in occupational epidemiology research: a systematic review on work-related lung cancer (#0186)
53 Comparison of personal habits and baseline knowledge of health promotion among students of the Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (#0292)
54 Koh Use of salivary biomarkers to evaluate response to a stress management intervention (#0334)
55 Sauve Adjustment for multiple comparisons in a job and industry-title analysis of a case-control study of prostate cancer (#0381)
56 Mattioli PubMed search strings for the study of putative environmental determinants of disease (#0408)
Musculosketal Disorders
57 Olival Fernandes Life quality in workers with related musculoskeletal disorders. (#0017)
58 Descatha Association between work exposure, alcohol intake, smoking and Dupuytren's disease in a large cohort study (Gazel) (#0049)
59 Bodin Quality of life of workers suffering from shoulder pain (#0178)
60 Tabatabaeifar Carpal tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome-like symptoms in relation to mechanical exposures assessed by a job exposure matrix: a triple case-referent study (#0190)
61 Tucek Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and working risk factors (#0221)
Neurologic Disorders
62 Chen Long-term styrene exposure impairs color vision in fiberglass reinforced plastics laminators (#0233)
63 Sanchez PTSD and Cognitive Impairment Among Rescue and Recovery Workers exposed to the 9/11 World Trade Center Disaster (#0073)
64 Moshe The role of various predictors of seizure recurrence in assignment of young men to professions with associated exposure to (seizure) risk factors (#0276)
65 Anglen Cumulative mercury exposure and peripheral nerve function in a sample of U.S. dental professionals (#0414)
66 Olival Fernandes Evaluation of the Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence Symptoms in Adolescent Female Soccer Players and their Impact on Quality of Life (#0016)
67 Olival Fernandes Comparative study about quality of life between women practicing dance and sedentary women (#0020)
68 Haro-García Polymorphonuclear leukocytes phagocytic capacity in workers occupationally exposed to benzene (#0032)
69 Yiin A Retrospective Cohort Mortality Study of U.S. Phosphate Industry Workers: An Update (#0102)
70 Salim Brazilian construction industry: a contribution to improve information on fatal work accidents  (#0151)
71 Busse Independent Medical Evaluations - Important, neglected, in need of reform: a systematic review (#0179)
72 Viragh Combined Effect of Cigarette Smoking and Non-ferrous Metal Exposure in the Development of Digestive Disease in Industry Workers (#0260)
73 Díaz López Erythrocytosis and neuropsychological alterations by chronic exposure to low concentrations of carbon monoxide in highway workers of Mexico. (#0327)
74 Chahrazed Absenteeism for medical reason in hospital surroundings (#0338)
75 Azzaoui Preliminary study of distress among medical and paramedical staff of Moroccan Hospital (#0417)
76 DeFlorio-Barker Severity of illness associated with water recreation (#0100)
77 Park Associations of thermophilic actinomycetes and non-tuberculous mycobacteria with respiratory health in occupants of a water-damaged office building (#0041)
78 Arrandale Smoking and allergic contact dermatitis: causation or correlation? (#0387)
79 Reid Do participants who complete a telephone survey in a language other than English differ to those who complete the survey in English? (#0132)
80 Noli Environmental exposure to nanoparticles in Sardinia, Italy: a pilot study of residential exposure nearby an industrial area and a military shooting range (#0277)
81 Schubauer-Berigan Characterizing adoption of precautionary risk management guidance for nanomaterials, an emerging occupational hazard. (#0045)
82 Conditions of return to work of nurses after maternity leave (#0303)
Psychosocial Factors
83 Nowrouzi Work Ability and Work-Related Stress: A Cross-sectional Study of Obstetrical Nurses in Urban Northeastern Ontario (#0011)
84 Chahrazed Contribution to the prevention of occupational stress (#0015)
85 Psychosocial Stress of nurses in oncology: Effort-Reward Imbalance Scale (#0026)
86 McCanlies Life Events and Psychological Distress among Police Officers Six Years Post Hurricane Katrina (#0027)
87 McCanlies Associations of Symptoms of Depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with Peritraumatic Dissociation, and the role of Trauma Prior to Police Work (#0065)
88 Boini Work organizational characteristics and psychological distress in French call-centers. Is there a direct effect? (#0078)
89 Biering Psychosocial working environment for patients with ischemic heart disease and association to adverse cardiac events (#0085)
90 Lee The Impact of Occupational Stress on Suicide Ideation of Subway Drivers (#0104)
91 Sang Gil Workplace violence and depressive symptomatology among police officer (#0126)
92 Yoon The combined effects of high emotional demands and low job control at work on suicidal ideation in Korean sales and service workers (#0130)
93 Kröning Luna Associations between Job Stress, Social Support and Insomnia among Nurses (#0158)
94 Busse Development of an instrument assessing symptom exaggeration in patients receiving disability benefits secondary to mental health disorders (#0160)
95 Busse Development of an instrument assessing recovery expectations in patients receiving disability benefits secondary to mental health disorders (#0161)
96 Bernardes Screening of common mental disorders among occupational groups; a review of dimensional structure of self reporting questionnaire – SRQ-20. (#0209)
Respiratory Diseases (non-malignant)
97 Moshammer Occupational exposure to mineral dust: Effects of on lung function in a nine-year study. (#0034)
98 Liou Epidemiological study of lung inflammation and oxidative damage in indium tin oxide workers (#0061)
99 Belhadj Changes in ventilatory and hemodynamic parameters during exposure to ultrafine particles in a manufacturing farm machinery (#0099)
100 Kolstad Are indoor concentrations of airborne mould spores in non-industrial environments sufficiently high to cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis? (#0191)
101 Marongiu An old trade with an unanswered question: does arc-welding fume exposure increase the risks of obstructive pulmonary diseases? First findings from the WELSHIP cross-sectional study. (#0407)
102 Lam Respiratory health after starting work: The APPRENTICE Study (#0208)