2:30-4:00pm at Salon A-1&2


All posters will be displayed on poster display boards provided by the Hilton Hotel. The dimensions for the poster display boards are 4 feet high and 8 feet wide, landscape orientation. The recommended size for posters to be printed is: 3 feet high by 5 feet wide, landscape. The posters will be hung up with push pins. Please come set up your poster an hour before the meeting starts or during the coffee break. All posters should be taken down by the end of the day. All poster display boards are assigned numbers (noted on the left hand side of poster program) that will correspond to their location in the poster session room.

Posters by Category
Agricultural Hazards & Pesticides
1 Lu Effects of  Agricultural Work Practices and Pesticide Use on Occupational Health of  Farmers (#0006)
2 Habib Is gender adequately studied in agricultural workers' health research? (#0115)
3 Pahwa The North American Pooled Project (NAPP): Pooled analyses of case-control studies of pesticides and agricultural exposures, lymphohematopoietic cancers and sarcoma (#0409)
Asbestos & Silica
4 Nattey Mesothelioma rates in South Africa: trends 1995-2008 (#0343)
5 Wang Asbestosis and Exposure Levels in a Chinese Asbestos Worker Cohort (#0009)
6 Tse Benign pleural abnormalities and mesothelioma among asbestosis workers in Hong Kong (#0043)
7 Parent Occupational exposure to crystalline silica and the risk of lung cancer in Canadian men (#0295)
8 Lysaniuk Municipal cartography of asbestos exposure in a Paris’ suburb: an original use of an occupational exposure database. (#0336)
9 Silanun Development of a disease surveillance system for Silicosis and respiratory disorders  in stone carving workers in Thailand (#0423)
Big Data
10 Forst Occupational Injuries at the Community Level (#0083)
11 Marras Risk of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in health occupations (#0398)
12 Kim A systemic review and meta-analysis of exhaled nitric oxide in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : relationship to pulmonary function (#0440)
13 Labreche Estimating the proportion of occupational cancers with minimal resources: an example from Quebec (#0236)
14 Marsh An International Historical Cohort Study of Workers in the Hard-Metal Industry:               Mid-Study Epidemiology Update (#0269)
15 D'Andrea Risk of lymphoma and occupational exposure to organic dust (#0272)
16 Luce Head and neck cancer and occupational exposure to chlorinated solvents: results from the ICARE study (#0279)
17 Luce Occupational risk factors for prostate cancer: a case-control study in Guadeloupe (French West Indies) (#0280)
18 Plato Mesothelioma incidence and occupation in the Nordic countries - a follow up during four decades (#0283)
19 Lévêque Dose-time-response association between occupational asbestos exposure and mesothelioma (#0291)
20 Lerro Use of acetochlor and cancer incidence in the Agricultural Health Study Cohort (#0301)
21 Guha Occupational exposure to air pollution and bladder cancer (#0315)
22 Raj Recent Trends in the Occupational Cancer Epidemiology Literature (#0335)
23 Nattey Lung cancer risk attributable to occupation; in a case control study in black South Africans, 2001-2008 (#0342)
Developing Countries
24 Benavides Mental health inequalities by informal employment and gender in Central America (#0196)
25 Lu Comprehensive Analysis of Research and Program-Based Studies on Occupational Health and Safety in the Philippines (#0005)
26 Hansakul The Participation for Solid Waste Management Appropriate Model of Undergraduate in Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand (#0197)
27 Heidari HSE climate as a novel tools for Health, Safety and Environment management system: Case study of Iranian Petroleum Industry (#0287)
28 Baptista Occupational accidents and diseases among community health agents in the municipality of Caraguatatuba/SP. (#0370)
Exposure Assessment
29 Stewart The NIEHS GuLF STUDY: Estimate of workers’ exposures through the inhalation route on  seven response vessels near the well-site during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (#0304)
30 Sakhvidi Determinants of occupational hygiene expert judgment accuracy (#0249)
31 Stewart The NIEHS GuLF STUDY:  Correlations of Concentrations Between Various Oil Chemicals and Total Hydrocarbons (#0296)
32 Stenzel The NIEHS GuLF STUDY:  Recalculation of exposure measurement data between the limit of detection (LOD) reported by the laboratory and the analytical methods' LODs (#0299)
33 Stewart The NIEHS GuLF STUDY: A comparison of the β-substitution method and a BaYesian approach for handling highly censored measurement data (#0300)
34 Gracia Monitoring Mercury Exposure Among Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners: Developing and Evaluating a Surveillance Protocol  (#0307)
35 Koh Evaluating temporal trends in occupational lead exposure using meta-regression of data in the published literature (#0339)
36 Ghamari Respiratory symptoms Among car painters in Workshops of Arak –Iran  and Exposure to volatile organic compounds (#0349)
37 Emdadul Arsenic Exposure and Oral Cavity Lesions in Bangladesh (#0352)
38 Peters Quantitative exposure assessment in community-based studies (#0395)
39 Conway An Exposure Assessment Model for Long Working Hours (#0403)
40 Shirokov Influence of fluoride and hard manual labor for prevalence of shoulder pain syndrome in aluminium potrooms (#0405)
41 Rother When standard occupational exposure assessments are unsuitable -  exposure observations with South African herbicide sprayers (#0415)
42 Sritharan Cancer risks among Canadian mining workers in a population-based cohort (#0290)
43 Navaranjan An update of mortality and cancer incidence among Ontario uranium miners exposed to radon progeny (#0388)
44 Salim Analysis of work related accidents in the mining sector 2000-10: the case of Minas Gerais State, Brazil (#0152)
45 Graber Can workplace chest X-ray surveillance programs shed light on workers' injuries? Prevalence and predictors of rib fractures among active and former Ukrainian coal miners (#0263)
46 Yazzie Understanding Lung Cancer Risk Among Navajo Former Uranium Miners (#0396)
Musculosketal Disorders
47 Hsu Screening and Disability Prevention for Musculoskeletal Disorders of High-Tech Industry Workers in Taiwan (#0243)
48 Dalbøge Occupation and surgery for subacromial impingement syndrome - a nationwide Danish cohort study (#0252)
49 Bhatt An Ergonomic Assessment: Occupational Health and Safety Risk Factors of Commercial Cafeteria Workers (#0275)
50 Technical Epidemiological Nexus (NTEP) in Brazil: a critic evaluation after 5 years of its application (#0298)
51 Boukerma Epidemiology of low back pain among nurses of the hospital of Sétif (Algeria). (#0393)
Psychosocial Factors
52 Kernan Depression and anxiety as an outcome of job strain in the Chilean workforce (#0232)
53 Lee Weekend work and Psychosocial Well-being in Korean workers (#0246)
54 Shiao Factors predicting nurses' consideration of leaving job (Also to be considered for mini-symposium: Early detection and management of workers under stress) (#0258)
55 Bernardes Dimensional structure of the job content questionnaire-JCQ among health workers of Bahia, Brazil (#0265)
56 Fink Is perceived stress related to an increase in salivary cortisol (#0268)
57 Malinauskiene Mental distress in relation to psychosocial factors at work among family physicians (#0270)
58 Mehlum The relationship between socioeconomic position, working conditions and sickness absence in a life-course perspective (#0281)
59 Cornelio Workers’ health outcomes, work organization and violence factors. Argentina, 2012 (#0325)
60 Malinauskiene Mental health problems of seafarers (#0331)
61 Lucero-Prisno Stress as Human Element at Work:  A Survey of Filipino Seafarers (#0332)
62 Malinauskiene Sense of coherence and mental health among seafarers in relation to physical activity (#0337)
63 Moshe Patients' views and expectations on social work services in the occupational medicine clinic in the Maccabi Health service organization (#0372)
64 Malinauskiene Workplace bullying and posttraumatic stress symptoms among family physicians in Lithuania (#0392)
65 Sheikh Parental income is more important than parental education to children's health and wellbeing in adulthood: Evidence from The Tromsø Study. (#0441)
Physical Hazards
66 Wild Effects of chronic low-dose exposure to ionizing radiation on physician micro-vascular structure revealed by nail fold capillaroscopy (#0024)
67 Moshammer Early predictors of noise-induced hearing loss (#0033)
68 Frederiksen Psychosocial Work Factors, Occupational Noise Exposure, Common Mental Disorders, and the Risk of Tinnitus (#0069)
69 Liou Reconstruction of exposed cohort and cumulative dose of radio-contaminated building residents for epidemiological study - Updated information (#0077)
70 Raunkjær Does long-term stress cause depression? Occupational noise exposure and the use of antidepressants. (#0180)
71 Yu Occupational Noise Exposure and the Prevalence of Hyperglycemia (#0274)
Reproductive/Developmental Effects
72 Specht Phthalate exposure and time to pregnancy in men and women from Greenland, Poland and Ukraine (#0092)
73 Viragh Prevalence of spontaneous abortion in workers in the wood-processing industry (#0262)
74 Guo The trend in the prevalence of childhood hearing impairment in Taiwan and its implications (#0070)
Risk Assessment
75 Chen The association between Statins use and risk of hospitalizationfor acute hepatitis in patients with HBV infection (#0081)
76 Chahrazed Diabetes management at work (#0082)
77 Stapelfeldt Sick leave patterns as predictors of disability pension or long-term sick leave: A 6.75-year follow-up study in municipal eldercare workers. (#0144)
78 Bhatt Physiological Aspects of load Carriage Activity Done by Food Grain Handling Workers in India (#0267)
79 The prevalence of risk factors associated with Computer Vision Syndrome among computer works in São Paulo, Brazil. (#0297)
80 Kim Biomechanical Comparison of Lumbar Risk Assessment in Manual Material Handling Work (#0319)
81 Esquivel Rodríguez Prevalence of obesity and risk of metabolic complications among workers of a harness plant (#0328)
82 Wang Preliminary results of shift work and cardiovascular risk factors: analyzing baseline data of a prospective night shift worker cohort in Shenzhen, China (#0174)
83 Baptista The shiftwork and the common Mental Disorders  among nursing workers. (#0046)
84 Burdelak Rotating night shift work in nurses and midwives and lifestyle. (#0062)
85 Lin Long-term day-and-night rotating shift work poses a barrier against the normalization of liver function (#0087)
86 Wang Meta-analysis on night shift work and risk of metabolic syndrome (#0147)
87 Ohlander Shift work and hypertension: prevalence and analysis of disease pathways in German car manufacturing workers. (#0170)
88 Wang Preliminary baseline characteristics of a prospective night shift worker cohort in Shenzhen, China (#0175)
89 Rotenberg The relationship between night work and mental health among hospital workers (#0213)
90 McGlynn Shift Work and Risk of Obesity in Canada: a Cross-Sectional Study using a Novel Job-Exposure Matrix. (#0219)
91 Hsu Evaluation of Shift Fatigue and Physical Health Intervention in Paper Manufacturer of Workers (#0247)
92 Lin The change of oxidative DNA damage in nurses with shift work (#0271)
93 Baptista The shift work and the Burnout syndrome (#0329)
94 Yong Primary Selection and Impact of Shift Work on Cardiovascular Risk Factors (#0435)
Small Business
95 Yamin A new model for outreach to small industrial firms: Safety audit results from the National Machine Guarding Program (#0008)
96 Nowrouzi The importance of conducting regular safety inspections In small and medium size enterprises (#0010)
97 Koh The relationship between low level benzene exposure and blood cell counts in Korean workers (#0159)
98 Belhadj Occupational deafness due to co-exposure to noise and ototoxic agents (#0098)
99 Belhadj Assessment of exposure totetrachlorethylene and its clinical impact in a population of 60 employeescleaners in west Algeria. (#0176)
100 Krajewski Leveraging Multiple Data Sources to Assist OSHA in Enforcement: Examining Illinois Workers' Compensation Data on Amputations (#0075)
101 Karnjanakantorn Respiratory surveillance in thai automobile workers (#0136)
102 Leão Incidence of sickness absence among Brazilian public workers (#0302)